Living Curiously

All lyrics by Christy Jefferson.
All songs copyrighted and all rights reserved.

Jesse saw the dancer they call Lady. He asked her for a spin, she said “maybe”. She moves through the air chasing her curly hair. Smooth, long, strong her silhouette streaks the air. Bodega’s getting hotter by the hour. Humidity and sweat won’t quench this fire. “Lady, play me.” Michael took her by the hand. Figures linger, dancing in the sand. They say, “She’s a natural.” Oh, they say, “She’s a natural.” And you listen to her speak in a voice that’s much too deep. Crowd’s thinning out. Waves are beating. Electric to the touch, their bodies heating. Last call, joke’s on you. Now you know her big surprise. Matthew, what did you do to give Lady’s snake a rise? They say, “He’s a natural.” No, they say, “He’s a natural.” (Chorus)


We’re celebrating my brother’s safe return. Thank God he survived the active duty he served. Many are not here to raise their glass. Many fell in Baghdad. I’m ready for a new solution. I’m gona re-examine everything. This is a love song for the human race. This is a cry for a move to peace. Calling for a revolution in all of us. It’s time to get real and ask: When is enough enough? Leaves are dancing, they don’t know. A little girl doesn’t play here anymore. Her daddy died last July. She saw the bullet take his life. (Chorus) A storm hit the country with the news. How a man murdered Amish girls in their school. And the families of the victims made bread as they grieved, and invited the man’s family to partake of their peace. (Chorus)


Meghan’s got a pet bee who’s on the trail for sweet honey. Burt’s no ordinary bee. He’s a talkative guy when I am sleep deprived. With a flower in her hair, she bee-lines for the door without a care. Dandelion blush between her toes, she knows what no body else knows: I’ve got my suspicions about your ‘magic rug.’ Too afraid later might become never, I’m holdin’ on tight to the threads of my sweater. Tradin’ in my Chevy for a shinny new sports car. Joke and say I’ll be a bubble-gum rock star, breakin’ for earthworms, sleepin’ with my guitar. Meghan’s got a pet bee. It’s kinda strange; she doesn’t like bees at all. She’s got a motorcycle dream. She dreams of flyin’, I dream of flyin’. Confess a crush with two roses for good luck – one for you, one for me. But the passenger seat is reserved for her little pet bee. (Chorus) He caught her eye at the fire house. Left a pedal and a letter with his confessions on the couch. So please, take your place in line. Her little honey bee turned the key. She got out just in time. (Chorus)


My heart was racing with yours. You let me carelessly through thorns. Roses were sweet. The taste was bitter. You spoke my name like a symphony. You were restless. I was confused. I didn’t see past my love for you. You were hiding, afraid of me finding little moments loosing sweetness. Loosing sweetness. Should I leave? Break free? I gave you every single piece of me – my hands, my words, my name, my lips, my heart, my joy, my kiss, all my sweetness. Business took you far from here into her bed, your Darling Dear. Your secret set free – her panties, her jewelry, and you writhing on the floor. I threw the liquor, it exploded on the door. My lips made war on yours. Did you love to fuck her, or just love her more? (Chorus) I ran out the door, I got into the car, and just drove through the night. And in the morning the sun came up and it was so beautiful. Here in me all my sweetness. Deep inside, all my sweetness. I might forgive you, but that wouldn’t change you. You panicked in the hour of parting, cuz I left (Chorus).


I was waiting in line at Starbucks on a Friday night. He was racing behind the bar makin' every drink just right. I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I heard him say, ‘Grande Soy with Whipped Mocha, have a nice day.’ It seemed like fate. We both knew after just one date. Even decaf time was grande. Add a shot for spice-a-latte. Life is like espresso: dopio is better than solo. Oh the power of his mocha to the beso from his boca, I could not resista! So I married my barista. Red Eye runs and bicycle fun seasoned that spring and summer. Haunted rides and pumpkin finds replaced it with hot cider. Autumn goodbyes were long, our feet were light; he held me tighter. Savoring tea, decorating the tree, celebrating the winter. (Chorus) We said our vows, waved good-bye, the night we wed ‘neith a caramel sky. We went back to the Starbucks at the corner of Main where he made me my mocha the same as that first day. (Chorus)

I love my lipstick in shades of pink - sweet, innocent, makes him weak. Nothing says ‘I’m bold’ like a strong stroke of red. Runnin’ the show all the way to bed. Lipstick tease, a feather to his knees. Appetites rise with eager ease. Lipstick tease, a giggle can please. Forbidden fruit - apples from Eve. My honey is a sucker for cherry up n pucker. I got buckets of kisses for just his lips. He’ll be an angel for the devil in me. Cheek down to cheek. Call me Lolly Pop Queen. (Chorus) Strawberry ‘n’ melon flavoring me. It does it for him, it does if for me. Every night I thank the lord for the stick of joy he’s given me to color myself recklessly - the ancient power to tame the snake and bring him out to play. (Chorus)


Ice cream with pretzels, chips or tea. Easing, pleasing the soul of me. A spoon to the cream before I leave to dream… never just one bite, it seems. I’m not givin' it up. I’m not givin’ it up. The pleasing taste expands my waist. Fudge peanut butter cup! Without ice cream, I’d be a size 7. That’s the small price of my obsession. Ummm decadent taste of HEAVEN! My husband asks how often I indulge. Last night I revealed the source of my tummy bulge. I said, “I’m sick of you snubbing me! So deal with it, Honey. You come in second to my Chubby Hubby!!” (Chorus) My man says I should cut this fat from my life. It’s clogging the heart of his beloved wife. But I know the truth. I’ll put it plainly: you keep it up 'n' you ain’t getting ANY! (Chorus)


You swung by my pad, lookin’ on with distaste. Caught me talkin’ to the black reflectin’ face. You say the problem is I have too much caffeine, I talk to myself, I’m stuck in a dream. We’re always fightin’, never get along. Every time I talk to you I say something wrong. You say it isn’t you, it must be me. Now I must confess – take this personally – this java jacket is warmer than you. It fits me so much nicer and if I had to choose, I hate to say it, but here’s the diet-free truth: Joe just tastes so much better than you. Café is empty, you are long gone. Joe ‘n’ I say up ‘till the crack of dawn. A sweet black lover, he listens so well. Creamy in my mouth, but he’ll burn ya like hell. (Chorus) I don’t know how you did it, but I surely know why; you couldn’t measure up to my java high. Guess it’s what I get for giving you my house key. Now I’ll be without caffeine permanently. The psychiatric ward is really fun. The stuff they give us here is definitely number 1. So here it is, Baby, what I really think of you: you’re a day old, decaffeinated lover, and we’re definitely through! Cuz this straight jacket is warmer than you. It fits me so much nicer and if I had to choose, I hate to say it, but here’s the diet-free truth: Joe just tastes so much better than you. Nurse Joe tastes so much better than you.


The air I breathe has been everywhere – the leaves of the trees, the lungs of the deer. Today I thrive on their fruit and flesh. Tomorrow I’ll parish and be their nourishment. One with the tree by water we share. One with everything. All the same air. Fools will believe we’re separate in life. While clever Mother Nature, makes us unite. When I die, my moisture will find the sea. Shrimp, clams, fish will breathe me. My children will harvest this ocean meat. I’ll live on by the air they breathe. One with my kin by water we share. (Chorus.) The water I drink goes out my pores, with the clouds to distant shores, near the earth, giving rain to plants, my enemy takes for his nourishment. One with my foe, by water we share. (Chorus.)


Touch me please. Mourners gather round. Flower in her hand bending in the breeze. A pedal to the grave. A dove to the sky. Tears won’t stop, but sparkle like diamonds in the light. And the beauty overcomes the sadness. I remember her saying, “Dance everyday. Make love to every moment. Chase your passion like a train. Work smart, play hard. Let your fears fall by the way. Then you’ll dance even in the rain.” Umbrella patchwork – black n grey. Our yellow one alludes to happier days. She would’ve had it that way. The thunder and lightning, so frightfully lovely, and the beauty over comes the sadness. I remember her saying, (Chorus). It’s comin’ down hard now. My heart is in shackles. I can’t help but smile through the pain. Outside our umbrella, I feel the rain and catch a short glimpse of a rainbow, before it fades. She was a rainbow in every way. Life escapes as quick as it came. But the love she brought and the lessons she taught will stay. I miss her but I feel alive cuz I (Chorus). We danced that day by her grave. We dance now, every time it rains.